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Green and Purple Succulents

Real financial planning for young professionals and first-generation individuals and families.

We help you build your wealth, achieve your goals, and make smart financial decisions.

You want to achieve your dreams without sacrificing your personal finances. You want to learn and not be judged for what you don't know and to work with someone who will put your interests first. You've come to the right place.

Below are a few examples of situations that have prompted our clients to partner with us:

Couple Holding Hearts

Combining Finances

We want to combine finances for the first time. What is a good approach? 

Computer, books and glass with coffee

Equity Compensation

I’m a tech professional receiving RSUs and I need help prioritizing goals. Can I afford to take a break?

Image that says "Pay Your Tax Now Here!"

Planning for Taxes

We had a large tax bill last year and it was a surprise. We'd like to have a better plan for this year's taxes.

Rainbow colored pencils

Saving for the Future

I’m a teacher and I need help reviewing my investments. Where should I focus my savings?

Two EA-6B Prowler military jets flying at sunset

Leaving the Military

My wife is in the military and her new job is offering stock. Can you help us understand it?

Cottage in the woods

Buying a Home

We'd like to buy a home but we don't know where to start. Where should we focus our savings?

Wall of multi-colored books

Student Loans

We work for nonprofits and our student loans are keeping us up a night. We need a plan to pay them off.

Books flying in the air

Small Business Owner

I’m a small business owner and I have money earmarked for retirement. Where should I put it?

Adult hand holding a baby's hand


We're having a baby and we'd like to save for baby's college. Where do we begin?

At Primas Financial Planning we work with you to achieve your goals based on what’s important to you.

Ready to get started?


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