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Our financial planning process is designed for young professionals and families. Many of our clients are new to the experience of meeting with a financial planner, and our initial four meetings are dedicated to establishing the groundwork for their financial plan.


Our meeting structure isn’t set in stone! If you have an urgent matter that requires immediate attention, such as an imminent home purchase, we will prioritize addressing that concern early in the process.

Here’s what to expect from a financial planning engagement with Primas Financial Planning:

Meeting 1:
Getting to Know You

  • Life Planning Exercise

  • Goals Discussion

  • Credit Review

  • Debt Review

Meeting 2:
Setting the Foundation

  • Insurance Review

  • Spending Plan Review

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Estate Planning

Meeting 3:
Building Your Wealth

  • Investments Review

  • Tax Planning

Meeting 4:
Planning for the Future

  • Retirement Planning

  • Benefits Review

  • College Planning

Following the initial four meetings, your monthly fee will decrease, and we will transition to a quarterly meeting schedule.


All clients have unlimited email and phone support beyond our scheduled meetings.


Upfront Planning Fee

The upfront planning fee is due at the start of the financial planning relationship and is a one-time fee that covers client onboarding, data gathering, and the initial setup of the financial plan. 

New Client: Single


New Client: Couple


For clients with equity compensation, an additional $200 is added to their onboarding fee. Returning clients may be eligible for a reduced upfront planning fee.

Monthly Planning Fees

The monthly planning fee starts on the 1st or 15th following the initial client meeting. The base fee starts at:





The following outlines additional monthly fees that will be included in your monthly fee if applicable:

Young Professional Discount (28 and under):


Tax Preparation: Base Fee


Tax Preparation: SCH C (Self-Employed)


Tax Preparation: SCH E (Rental Property)


Small Business Owner


Student Loans


For clients with equity compensation, an additional monthly fee applies. Please schedule a complimentary call to receive a quote or use the link below to calculate your fee.

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