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Our financial planning process is designed for young professionals and families. Most of our clients have never met with a financial planner before and we use the first four meetings to set the foundation of their financial plan. Our meeting structure isn’t set in stone - if you have an urgent issue that we need to address first (e.g., about to buy a home!), then we’ll focus on that early on.

Here’s what to expect from a financial planning engagement with Primas Financial Planning:

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After the initial foundational meetings, we’ll meet every month for 15 minutes to make sure you’re on track, answer any questions, and work out any issues live. As a client, you’ll also have unlimited email and phone access outside of our set meetings.

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We don't charge extra to manage your investments and we don't receive commissions or kickbacks. Examples of equity compensation include restricted stock units, incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options, etc. Below is an outline of our fees. 

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We want you to have long-term success and it takes time to put a successful financial plan in place. We ask our clients for a one-year commitment to give us time to guide them through the financial planning process. Some clients choose to stay on longer than a year and in those situations, we will lower your monthly fee if we’re no longer meeting monthly.

We meet with our clients virtually but if you’re in the Baltimore area(ish), let’s have coffee!

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